Bhagvadpada Achraya AdiSankara was inspired champion of Hinduism, far sighted diplomat, vigorous missionary with a colossal work without instruments of propaganda, but with variety of weapons in his resourceful armory & a sole guardian- mighty angel of rishi-culture. Personality scintillating with Truth, heart throbbing with industrious faith & ardent desire, relentlessly logical & the fittest Spiritual General under the heat of his fervent ideas & language almost plastic with flowing rivulets of tilting tuneful songs in the halls of Upanishad commentaries or in temple of Brahma-Sootra expositions or in the amphitheater of Geeta discourses, his pen danced in the melody of Advaita with many pregnant verses. The wonderful garland he offered to adorn Mother Shruti is Atma-Bodha. As it supplies all the requisites of Vedanta & Shankara  has made this scientific treatise a chiseled beauty with a distinct cadence & rhythm if its own. The poet in Shankara is let loose in these 68 stanzas. And the examples in it are real hammer-strokes that nail the elusive Vedantic ideals on to the immature comprehension of all early students.