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  Name of Books Price( in Rs.)
The Law of the Rhythmic Breath               Theme: Pranayama 200/-
Attack the Attack                                           Theme: Reversal of Heart Disease 200/-
Traditional way of Yoga                              Theme: Traditional Yoga-asanas 200/-
Holistic Empowerment                              Theme: Vedanta 70/-
Theme: Diabetes 70/-
Theme: Yoga – Nidra / Yogic – Sleep 70/-
Theme: Frontiers beyond mind / Body Complex 70/-
Theme: Sun – Salutation / Suryanamaskar 70/-
Theme: Yoga into everyday walk of life 70/-
Theme: Heart Disease & Yoga 90/-
Theme: Yogic Pranayama 90/-
Omkar                                                             Theme: “Omkar” Spiritual Vehicle to Salvation Samadhi 1000/-
Audio Cassette and CD Rom on Shavasana Theme: Yoga Nidra/ Yogic sleep 75/-
Jala – Neti (Nasal douche) Pots 25/-
Yogic Asanas Chart, 7 Charts 300/-
Photos of Yoga –asanas of Dr. Nitin Unkule 1000/-
Photos from Photo gallery from our Web – site 1000/-
Yoga Mats & all other related products; viz. Essence sticks, ropes, belts, pillows, bricks, blankets, crepe bandage, T. Shirts & track pants.
Paintings on Yoga by the internationally renowned artist of our Institute, Dr. Manohar Desai.  
Individual Consultations on Diet and Yoga and aliments By Mrs. Suchetra Limaye Mrs. Shilpa Shirole – Khandelwal Mrs. Angha Shirwadkar
Individual Consultations on Yoga as a therapy and Yoga as para – medical approach to Health by Dr. Nitin Unkule and all other team members.
Exclusive lectures on Vedanta and E. Q. (Emotional Quotient or Spiritual Intelligence.)  
Special powerful sessions on Power of Chanting and Prayers, Bhajans, Group Chantings on Vedic prayers.  
Counselling & therapy classes on Depression, psychological & mental disorders.  
Practical workshops on all metabolic disorders; Viz. Heart disease, Diabetes & High BP.  
Our activities in Pune, India; are as follows:
Health beyond Medicine
Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation sessions everyday
The need of the millennium; however is not only to achieve medical excellence and curing the sick, but also and perhaps more importantly, to prevent people from becoming sick in the first place.
Learn Yogic Asanas, Pranayam and Meditation in a traditional way by experts
Fees: - Rs. 400/- per month (thrice a week) & Registration Fees Rs. 50/-
6.30 a. m. to 7.30 a. m. Mixed batch everyday
7.30 a. m. to 8.30 a. m. Mixed batch everyday
6.00 a. m. to 7.00 a. m. Mixed batch Mon, Wed, Fri.
7.00 a. m. to 8.00 a. m. Mixed batch Mon, Wed, Fri.
8.30 a. m. to 9.45 a. m. Special Pranayam and Vedic Meditation Every Saturday & Sunday
kaivalya yoga institute, 1013/16, Deep bunglow chow, Swastik Society, Opp. Swanand Hospital, Pune 411 016. India.
Tel. : (020) 2565 3448 or 2567 1167.
E-mail :      Website :
Yoga for Medical Professionals
Doctors in bad physical shape: Study
India’s guardians of health are in need of some help. The results that have been announced in the January issue of “Journal of Association of Physicians of India” were shocking.
The only thing that could postpone death and keep us healthy is “life style modification” that affects the mind and body in a holistic fashion, otherwise known as “Quantum Healing”.
We are also in the field of making an excellent combination of Western Medical Science and Eastern healing techniques, without making any tall claims so far as the word “cure” is concerned.
Yoga & Exercise regime for Medicos by Dr. Nitin Unkule
Tuesday 7.30 pm to 8.45 pm Yoga-asanas, Suryanamaskar, Exercises
Thursday 7.30 pm to 8.45 pm Yoga-asanas, Suryanamaskar, Exercises
Saturday 8.30 am to 9.45 am Pranayama, Meditation & Power of Mantra
Sunday    8.30 am to 9.45 am Pranayama, Meditation & Power of Mantra
FEES Rs. 1000/-  per month
For Registrations, Contact:
Dr. Nitin Unkule, Mobile No. 98229 12103
TEL. NOS.  2565 3448  or  2567 1167
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