Newsletter : Lecture for all students of Kaivalya Yoga Institute
Dear students,
7th February 2008
One of the eminent hospitals in Pune, Dr. Hardikar Hospital, has arranged my talk on “Evolution of the Mind”, on 17th of February, Sunday at 10 am at their premises, opposite Rahul Cinema. The talk will elaborate the topic taking references from Upanishads, Bhagavadgita, Yoga-Sutras, and Sankhya yoga; which has been selling all over the world as a hot cake. Unfortunately we Indians are not aware of it and we think this is all Greek and Latin.
“Evolution of the Mind” explores the frontiers of Mind/Body concept. The Vedanta and the Sankhya hold the key to the laws of mind and thought process. In the new millennium, the concept of a biological evolution is “outdated”. Now the talk is about the “evolution of consciousness”. Mind of the human being is spread over every cell in his body and the real person extends beyond the physical body. Such a formulation and also discoveries relating to origin of human thoughts have implications for health. For instance the real risk factors in heart attacks are not just cholesterol or physiological elements, but deeper traits like hostility, resentment and job dissatisfaction. Human biology has an inner intelligence, which once triggered healing would follow. Dr. Wilder Penfield, to whom I met in Sweden long back, experimented with patients undergoing neurosurgery and found that the mind seemed to act independently of the brain in the same way a programmer acts independent of his computer, however much he may depend upon his computer. Such region in the brain is called supplementary motor area or SMA located at the top of the physical brain, interestingly where orthodox Hindus keep crest lock (bald paste) to herald the abode of consciousness. He also held that by a complex code the extra cerebral mind is playing 50 million neurons in the SMA region. He believes that such a non-physical mind survives after death of our physical body and brain. The ‘functionalism’ school of thinking considers consciousness as the software or the operator behind hardware of the entire physical brain complex. Dr. Fritjof Capra, to whom I met in Austria, is of the same opinion, that the parallel between scientific experiments and mystical experiences may seem surprising in view of the very different nature of these acts of observation. Physicists perform experiments involving an elaborate teamwork and a highly sophisticated technology, whereas mystics obtain their knowledge purely through introspection, without any machinery, in the privacy of meditation. In the beginning era of my own mediation practices, I was helped on my way by ‘power plants’ which showed me how the mind can flow freely; how spiritual insights come on their own, without any effort, emerging from the depth of consciousness.
I remember the first such experience. Coming, as it did, after years of detailed analytical thinking, it was so overwhelming that I burst into tears, it was 4 in the morning wee hours, the Veda calls such an experience Ananda, or Bliss; it is said to be another quality inherent in the human mind but covered over by layers of dulled awareness. The reality, where time is really timeless. What stands out unmistakably in this experience is its sense of revelation.
Within a given fixed arc the pendulum of common life of common man moves between peace and war, and the poor fellow think that this is the only life. But there is a virgin world waiting for all of us to welcome, which offers a free trip to heaven. But we all are caught up in the fragnant joy of substantial peace and plenty! Whenever the mind is at perfect rest, an effulgent flood of the inner bliss pours out its satisfying joy. Adi-shankaracharya says in Bhajagovindam, that the mind at rest is the temple of joy. In our stressed-out world, the fight-or-flight response that kept our ancestors alive has turned into a “stew and chew”. The tension in the bowstring is from the consistent pull of the stem of the bow to regain its straight nature. The life of tension and its pains are from Truth’s benign pull upon untruth!
The unseen world is the real world and when we are willing to explore the unseen levels of our bodies, we can tap into the immense creative power that lies at our source. There is no more beautiful experience than when the world expands beyond its accustomed limits. These are the moments when reality takes on splendor, which I have enjoyed many a times in deep meditations, which I would like to share with you all.
If you are really keen to know, then do come for this multi-media presentation.
Yoga teacher, Reversal of Heart Disease Program of Dr. Jagdish Hiremath, Poona Hospital & Research Center
Yoga and exercise program for young IT professionals :
21st February 2008
Mr. Neville Postwala,
Ref.: Yoga/Exercise regime for your employees
We thank you for inviting us to your esteemed organization. We are in the field of promotive and preventive health care, as well as the curative one; over the past 30 years with branches in many parts of the world including Infosys and Symbiosis at Hinjewadi.
Computer related injuries (CRI) affect millions of young IT professionals all over the world. Not only that, lower back pain is the single largest cause for the people to remain absent from work place, loosing millions of dollars every year. Infertility and impotency are also taking a heavy toll amongst young IT couples.
In fact, at Symbiosis, Yoga is a compulsory subject to inculcate Spiritual values into every day walk of Life.
We are keen to spread the message of Yoga and Health at Aztec Soft.
With warm regards,
Director, Operations (India)
"Young IT and BPO professionals are turning to Yoga for better health and beat the stress and many challenges of Life at home as well as at office. Long working hours, continuous staring at the computer, sitting at one place at a stretch without any stretching exercises; invites many "Diseases of Modern Civilization". The age of computers has thrown us on the escalator of aspirations but has robbed us of simple charms like falling asleep. That is why we need promotive and preventive health care than curative one. What our team of Doctors talk is somewhere between intensive care and the crematorium. The compulsions of hectic schedules burden the mind and cause stress, thereby making the body perpetually ill. The only thing that could postpone death and keep man healthy is life-style modification that affects the mind and body in a holistic fashion."