However, sitting amidst a mountain of wealth and prosperity man lives a life of worry, anxiety and dissatisfaction. This sad paradox has been the subject to investigation by the spiritual Masters and Mystics, Acharyas and Rushis, of ancient India, who dedicated their lives for the general welfare of mankind.
But to man, injunctions and percepts are like a red rag to a bull; therefore, he revolts against the idea of any spiritual practice of Self-denial. The human machine, the most complex entity in nature, also needs certain adjustments and tuning up according to the manuals of Yoga and spirituality, so that it may function efficiently in all its contacts with the world of things and beings. His alone is the choice to make or mar himself and his happiness.
The ancient masters of this country were mighty stalwarts who stood amidst Life’s storms as firm as the great Himalayas. Their emotions and sentiments made their hearts bleed for the suffering humanity, but their heads were above the clouds in the ever peaceful realm (the kingdom of Mind-body-Intellect Equipments) of the High deal.
We, at this Kaivalya Yoga Institute are dedicated to promote our ancient Indian wisdom which we have literally borrowed (stolen) from the Sanskrit Scriptures of the Vedas, to give you something which you might have never heard and even imagined, and as the whole of the human experience cannot be expressed in the imperfect instruments of human language, we will attempt to convey such experience by suggestive and symbolic language.
One’s attitude towards things in general, and towards one’s circumstances of Life in particular, according to Yoga, have an important bearing, direct or indirect, on the genesis of not only psychosomatic and chronic, metabolic and other disorders, but also of infectious ones. 
In our Work-shops and Seminars, we propose to deal with the raison detre behind this argument, and how yoga proceeds to help one change one’s attitudes. The attempt will be to cultivate a sort of strong immunity, which is capable of offering an effective resistance to the various impingements on body and mind, both from within and without. All our efforts will be directed through very simple set of postures (Asanas), few pranayamic breathing techniques, an introduction to Meditation and of course, the prayers.
As long as human being is alive, he comes in contact with the things and beings in the world outside in their different setups called ‘circumstances’. Even if he were alone in a solitary island, to continue living, he must be able to face his lot efficiently and intelligently without giving himself to hasty panic and despair. Nobody in the world can, even for a moment, live without coming in contact with objects of his world outside or, at least, with his own thoughts and ideas within.
Thus, not by choice but by the compelling law of life everyone must meet his world of happenings at every moment of his living. If there is efficiency in meeting one’s own world-with ready dexterity, with quick decisions, firm will, balanced equanimity, and right understanding- no situation in life can break a man and enslave him. But, unfortunately, the individual succumbs to the ghastly look of the situations and thus surrenders himself to the bewitching threats of life. The fool who comes to be pelted with the insentient and inert problems of life becomes a shattered desperado stinking in his own utter failures in life.
This seems to be the tragedy of the world today. Young men, with their heads stuffed with facts and figures, go about in the world weighed down with their voiceless sorrows, dumb desperations, and tearless sighs! They try to run away from this inner sense of dejection by loudly clamoring about the glories of their age and the civilization of their times. The many-mouthed organs of propaganda nosily howl and hoot the glories of the machine age, the efficiency of the money-trade, the joys in the higher standards of living, the nobility of modern government, and the very brutalities of war with which they uphold the blessings of peace!
Let us tune up the noble instrument of mind given to us through a careful policing of our motives and thoughts. Let us, with such a prepared instrument; search out the Wealth of Light-Power-Wisdom that is lying in ourselves. In our own redemption lies world redemption.
In Vedanta and Sankhya Yoga, one can clearly see a healthy message for the war-torn world laboring under it own misconceptions of what life is, and its own wrong evaluations of the factors that constitute true living.
Other areas of our mission, in short are as follows:
To introduce valid alternatives to drugs and surgery
To increase fitness levels by increasing disease immunity
To give best cardiac fitness and an excellent cardio-vascular system
To give best physical, mental, psychological and spiritual health; which is a definition of WHO of a good health
How to fight pollution using ancient Indian techniques
To reduce number of drugs in post-operative care
To introduce Art of Living, Art of Dying and Art of Loving the Life
How to enjoy our own company despite problems in Life
How to “manage” stress and fight with stress related disorders