On the occasion of completing 11 years’ of “Reversal of Heart Diesease Program” at Poona Hospital and Research Centre, at Pune, India, where over 9000 patients are being offered conservative treatment, I am glad to present this second edition to avid readers.
The project was a dream and a brain-child of Dr.Jagdish Hiremath, who is regarded as the supreme court of cardiology in Pune with his verict being treated the final word in the line of treatment. And more important to me is, he is my child-hood friend.
This program, which one may call,”The Opening Your Heart Program”, is an adjunct to not a substitute for conventional medical therapy, both invasive and surgical. If you have a heart condition, consult your physician or cardiologist before beginning this program. The goal of writing this book is to strengthen the communication between two “Hearts”, your own and that of your doctor’s. Another motive to write this book is the preventive and promotive aspect of what?
If the heart disease can be reversed, then it may be preventable. We do not have to wait for a new drug, surgical procedure or technological breakthrough.
While making an excellent combination of western medical science and eastern healing techniques; this program can help you to increase your productivity and happiness-lasting happiness-while decreasing your anxiety, stress, and the risk of illness.

Yet, through my experience and the research of the studies done by others, I have realized that our emotional and spiritual health is exceptionally important to the health of our heart.

Of course, none of us is going to live forever, but we do not have to suffer premature death, disability and various other expenses that follow a heart disease. After a while, through. I became little disheartened as I saw the limitations of technological approaches that literally and figuratively bypassed the underlying causes of the healing. Bypass surgery just became a process of buying time and a metaphor without even addressing the underlying causes.
This seems to be achieved by bringing about an altered adaptability of the tissues forming our various system and organs, which would not readily undergo any functional disorder or pathological changes when exposed to trauma. It helps us to keep ourselves healthy, light in the body, bright in the head and calm in the heart.
It should be recognized that the most fundamental question in medicine is why disease occurs rather than how it operates after it has occurred. That is to say, conceptually the origins of disease should take precedence over the nature of disease process and the damage done by it.
There is a whole new issue on “disease mongering – corporate sponsored disease creation”. Not a day passes without our media-print and electronics –going to town with the frightening stories of the new epidemics of killer diseases like heart attacks, diabetes and cancer in the future in India.
This reminds me of the epidemiologists causing epidemics through fear psychosis.  The remedy to save mankind from this danger, they say, is to get everyone checked to screen for the indicators of future trouble with these deadly maladies.
With the assured promise of averting future tragedies, large sections of healthy people’s lives are medicalised. Poor readers, doctors included do not depend on minor changes in the initial state of the man.
Correcting those minor variations might not hold good as time evolves. The only thing that could postpone death  and keep man healthy is – lifestyle modification which  affects the mind and body in a holistic fashion.
A recent WHO report showed India to be the best country to live in, in the next fifty years, if one wants to avoid the ravages of diabetes. Indian lifestyle is supposed to be the best to prevent diabetes or postpone its onset!
We have been instilling fear into the minds of the gullible public to get them into the net of drug and instrument manufacturers.
I have labeled this as the “Medical Scare System”. Time has come to make the medical profession realize this trap. Doctors are trained to care the health of the public.
We have to follow the Hippocratic dictum of Primum Non Nocere-first do no harm. [Fear is the key to bakrafy manfear of the death is the leading fear.] Man could easily be trucked to believe that the present day hitech modern medicine’s efforts will postpone death and give one good helath as long as one lives.
We must tell public the truth and let them live happily, devoid of fear.
Do not try to live for ever, you will certainly not succeed” wrote George Bernard Shaw in his classic – Doctor’s Dilemma. This book did put an end to the horrible crime of complete removal of patients’ colon-total colectomy-that was thought to generate all the poisons to initiate a simple malady-chronic fatigue syndrome-in those days in London.
An enlightened patient, an energetic health programme and an empowerd community are the most potent prescriptions for CAD prevent in India. And it is one of the aims of writing this book, to educate people and their better half, their heart.