Rigorous and very high disciplined training and education in the field of Vedanta and Yoga by H. H. Swami Satswaroopananda Saraswati for the last 20 years, and practicing Yoga for the last 30 years, almost 24,000 clock hours; Diploma in Yoga from Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, Lonavala, Doctor of Science Degree (Major in Meditation Therapy) from International Open University. Represented India as a cultural ambassador to France in 1984


Conducted over 265 seminars and workshops in, Europe, UK and USA, Norway and Holland, on Yoga and Vedanta. Honored by French TV and German Newspapers in 1989 and 1990.

Presented research paper on Scientific Survey of Yogic Asanas in Bangkok as the World Congress on Alternate Medicine held in August 1995. CD-ROM on Yoga has received best CD award in Australia.
Recently presented paper on Cardiac Yoga at the International Seminar held in Pune on Cardio-vascular diseases at Hotel Holiday Inn. Presented paper on Scientific Research in Yogic Asanas at an International Seminar on Alternate Medicine held in Pune at Hotel Le' Meridian. Presented two research papers at Global Forum for Health Research, Forum 5, Conference held at Geneva, Switzerland, in Oct. 2001, called by UN’s WHO, on Heart Disease and Neurological disorders.
Presented paper at Global Forum for Health Research, Forum 5, Conference held at Mexico, USA, in Nov. 2004, called by WHO, on Heart Disease.
Managing Committee Member, Symbiosis International Society.
Managing Trustee, Symbiosis International University.
Working for the past 12 years with Dr. Jagdish Hiremath for heart patients at Poona Hospital and Research Center in Pune, and until now treated over 8000 heart patients to reverse their “Heart Condition” and improve quality of life. Yoga for Cardiologists in Chicago in USA and Meditation Camp in Seattle in USA in August / September 1998.
Recently received “Professional Excellence Award” from Rotary International foundation, USA, as they celebrated 100 years’ of their services.
Until now written 14 books on Yoga and Vedanta.