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   Cancer care
Developing Asian Countries
One in 8 women suffer
Gender (despite no risk factor)
Genetics (BRCA 1 & 2 genes)
Stress (late night shifts, early menarche, late menopause, radiation to chest, sedentary life-style, smoking & no breast feeding to infant
Age: Older women most prone, 1st child after 30 or no children are slightly at risk, multiple pregnancies & early pregnancy reduces risk
Regular self-exam
Clinical breast exam (CBE) every 3 yrs
After 40, every yr.
Genetics (BRCA 1 & 2 genes)
Mammography to detect breast lump, it depicts tumor mass with or without calcification, i.e. tiny mineral deposits in breast tissue
   Essential components of a Feminine Fitness Programme
Bone loading resistance training.
Low impact exercises 2 or 3 days /week
Stretching activity.
Aerobic activity for 20 to 30 minutes : 5 days week.
Strength exercises like abdominals, kegels.
Back and posture care, Weight management.
Nutritional counseling : Soya, Calcium etc.
Concentration, relaxation, stress management tech.
   Before Starting
Perform/undergo routine health screening.
Obtain Physician's clearance, especially if above 40 & unaccustomed to exercise & + history.
Become / make aware of any unusual signs or symptoms that may indicate a problem.
PAR Q Form.
Feedback evaluation (Ongoing).
   Who says We don’t exercise ?
We jump to conclusions….
We drag our feet
We threw our weight around
We stretch the truth
We bend the rules
We go around in circles
We push our luck too….
   Feminine Exercises
Exercises to counteract muscular imbalance of pregnancy & lactation. Ante/post natal exercises.
Abdominal strengthening exercises e.g. belly breathing
Pelvic tilts
Kegel Crunches & Elevator exercises
Post partum exercises : “Mom & Baby” classes
Aqua Exercises
Adolescence V/s Antenatal V/s Midlife Fitness.
Midlife client : Variations in skill, will, and want
Multi factorial stresses.
Bank Balance & its effect on subsequent lifestyle.
Potential V/s Effects of lifestyle.
Holistic approach is the lever ; Exercise is the pivot.
The worst thing that can be said about menstruation is that it interferes so regularly with a woman’s life. She can be sensible about this, ignoring all the old wives’ tales and never repeating a single one of them to her daughters.
   Keep your goals SMARTER


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Treat yourself to Exercise
You are worth it !