About the Institute and the public charitable Trust:

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I have started my own Yoga Institute way back in 1980, from just a scrap, with a great hardship through three different integrated processes:

1. Learning from low-profile Gurus,
2. My own practice everyday for four hours &
3. Imparting knowledge to students. My guru is H.H. Swami Satswaroopananda Saraswati, a Sanyasi from Kerala. I faced number of difficulties while promoting the message of Yoga, Bhagavadgita & Upanishads in West, but today, I am very proud to say that Yoga teachers in the West running yoga classes under the banner of my Institute.

Until now I have trained almost 150 students as best yoga teachers, and taught Yoga to almost 30,000 people in India & abroad.  My students are spread all over the world.

I have formed public charitable Trust, Dr.Unkule's "BRAHMAVIDYA RESEARCH FOUNDATION" to promote our ancient Indian wisdom & doing research on how it is applicable to fight diseases of modern civilization & improve quality of Life. I have written 14 books on Yoga, have 2 audiocassettes on Shavasana, and a CD Rom on Yoga, which has got a best CD award in Australia. One of the most memorable job done by our Institute towards social commitment is that we have trained 800 employees of Pune Telephones & 500 police personnel to reduce their work stress & improve health. Our Institute is also responsible to train young post-graduate students of management of Symbiosis. We are working with health officials of Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences to promote yoga in School & Colleges of Symbiosis. We regularly conduct “Samskar” classes for School children in every vacation. Pre-natal & post-natal classes are also being conducted by our Institute for young nursing mothers. Above all, every year, I conduct Yoga sessions for RYLA of Rotary Clubs.

Our yoga Institute, along with a battery of 30 very strong and highly experienced teachers in the field, who works as second line of defense; have been exploring the frontiers of mind/body medicine, using Ancient Vedic wisdom in Pune, at eight different branches. And at all these branches, we teach yogic asanas, pranayama, meditation and Suryanamaskar.  We have our own center in San Francisco, USA. 

An enlightened patient, an energetic health program and an empowered community are the most potent prescriptions for CAD prevention in India. The most successful cardiac rehabilitation program we have been doing is at Poona Hospital & Research Center in Pune, India. Till date we have reversed the critical heart condition of almost 8,000 heart patients over the last 12 years. Such a project no where exists in the world and the pioneer of this program is Dr. Jagdish Hiremath, leading Senior Cardiologist. More details could be had from our home page. The most salient features of this program is as follows.
To by-pass surgical (by-pass surgery) and other invasive techniques like angioplasty, wherever possible, after consulting respective cardiologist of the patient. This program is not all an alternate to by-pass surgery or angioplasty.
To reduce number of drugs, many patients have stopped taking drugs for high BP (hypertension)
Excellent collateral (micro-circulation) circulation (natural by-pass around blocked coronary arteries)
To remove fear of death from the mind of a patient
To avoid further complications arising out of heart disease (disease process and the damage done by the disease process) or diabetes
To attend other problems of the patients; viz. orthopedic conditions, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders; psychological problems etc.
To increase morbidity and mortality
To increase quality of life, of the patients and their dependents too
To increase productivity and happiness—lasting happiness—and to decrease anxiety, stress and risk of illness
Ultimately this Opening Your Heart Program is about learning how to feel freer and happier—a different type of “open heart” procedure, one based on love, knowledge, and compassion rather than just drugs and surgery

I have read a research paper on above project at Global Forum for Health Research, Forum 5, Conference held at Geneva, Switzerland, held in Oct. 2001, called by WHO, on Heart Disease and Neurological disorders. After completing few norms of WHO we will very soon get recognition from UN for this project.

Our Centers
Kaivalya Yoga Institute,Operations (India) & Corporate Office,
1013/16, Shivajinagar, Swastik Society,
Deep Bunglow Chowk, Pune 411 016, India.
Tel. Nos. ++91 (020) 2565 3448
                 ++91 (020) 2567 1167
Mobile No. (0) 98229 12103
E mail: vedayoga@pn2.vsnl.net.in

  Poona Hospital & Research Center,
Cardiac Care Unit & Rehabilitation of Heart Patients
Pune, India.
Dr. Sunil Sathe’s Cardiac Care Center.
Pune, India
  Symbiosis International University,
Yoga for all Post – Graduate Students,
Pune, India.
Poona Club,
Pune, India.
  University of Pune
Yoga for foreign students,
Pune, India.
Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Yoga for young IT couples,
Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,
Hinjewadi, Pune India.
  Yoga Nature Cure Incorporation,
Florida, USA
Director: Dr. Sachin Deshmukh

Kaivalya Yoga Institute
Bangkok Thailand
Director: Mrs. Monika, Dr. Patrick